Our staff at Cornerstone Baptist Church are dedicated to serve our community and reach our city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


What is the vision of our church staff?

Stephen Stewart

Stephen, Rachel, Katelyn, Caleb, and Joshua Stewart

Pastor Stephen Stewart graduated from Fellowship Baptist Colege of Indiana with his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Biblical Studies. He and his wife, Rachel came to Tennessee in 2006 and started Amazing Grace Baptist Church. In April of 2006, Amazing Grace merged with Calvary Baptist to form Cornerstone Baptist Church. They have three children — Katelyn, Caleb, and Joshua.

Senior Pastor

Associate Pastor

Brad and Morgan Horton graduated from West Coast Baptist College. Morgan received a bachelors in elementary education and Brad a bachelors in church ministry. They married on August 6, 2016 and came on staff at Cornerstone Baptist Church in July 2017. Brad serves as director of the student ministries, youth pastor, and assistant to Pastor Stewart.

Brad Horton

Brad and Morgan Horton

2008 - Cornerstone was founded.

In April, both Amazing Grace Baptist and Calvary Baptist voted unanimously to form Cornerstone Baptist. Stephen Stewart has led as our Pastor since Cornerstone's beginning.

2013 - Cornerstone began our Advancing Program.

God directed us to begin a debt reduction program to help prepare us for what He has in our future.

2016 - Cornerstone became debt free!

The buildings and property are a blessing. And we are thankful our Church meets here. But our Church is not about buildings or land...it's about people.


All along God has helped us see that the Church is the people. People who God loves! We believe God desires for all people to know Him, grow in Him and serve Him. That's what we are about and what we will keep doing.

History of Cornerstone Baptist Church

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